Wayne’s Book

My step-father, Wayne Kaiser,  was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease several years ago and it was the saddest news I could imagine. It was very hard for Wayne and all of us around him to see the disease progress. I wanted to do something nice for him to make him feel better.

I got the idea to create a book after listening to a local NPR story about Alzheimer’s disease and their care-givers. I was inspired to make it more than just a photo album; adding names to photos and stories to help him remember his extraordinary life.

Wayne had much clearer memories of his time in the Navy stationed in Japan. I added extra pages pertaining to his time in Japan where he did a lot of exploring.

He really loved and appreciated his book and looked at it almost daily when he was able to. I think it helped him feel like himself again.

I can help created a book for your family. Contact me if you are interested.